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I humbly admit I have been accused of mental imbalances before. This time the charge stems from our decicion to get a house here in our new home of Chile. The button above will take you to an ongoing series of posts about this whole process. It is a little like a blog within a blog.......Is it smart? Is it a disaster? A little of both? So far adventures are many & a little bizzare. Read about them here regularly.

The cow studies me with a contemplative grind of her teeth. Several flies gather at the corner of her eye. In the New Mexico desert you take moisture anywhere you can find it. The landscape is grilled, layered with reds and oranges in the soil.

We once had a GPS system invented by a sadist. I think he had put his mother-in-law’s snotty voice dripping sarcasm on the audio in a vain attempt to please her. Our supposedly helpful navigation unit let us know exactly what idiots we were when we did not take a turn she suggested....

Are We Insane? How to get a House Overseas & (hopefully) Maintain Our Sanity

A Perplexing Parking Punishment in Chile

Bones,Barks and Dreams of a Better Life

A Gentle Lesson in Humility

Enduring the Chilean Earthquake

What Price Your Daughter's Education?

Ahh! Another Protest

So What Really Happens in The Sauna?

Mad Map Hunting

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What's a Dictators Party Palace Like?

The nine year old girl stares into the thin glass of the museum case. On the other side of the clear partition, facing her, is a girl who is perhaps a few years older than herself but long dead....

OK so we got a parking ticket. You know the mistake. The curb is painted yellow and it’s a nice very well heeled neighborhood. Several other locals have parked in the area and you figure it’s probably really OK, in spite of the markings. Well not exactly.........

A man I barely know is motioning for me to take off my clothes. Idly I notice that even though it’s summer here is Russia and we are far enough north that there is literally 22 hours of sunshine there is a chill on the grass on the other side of the thin window pane.

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For People in Transition

The Unwinding of Unusual Tales of Relocation

Have an Indiana Jones Fantasy?

I did. Not the part about everyone trying to kill me. I seemed to be able to manage some of that without much help.

No, it was the idea of going to exotic places and meeting all sorts of fascinating people. The stories I wanted to know about were really more along the lines of international Garrison Keillor/Mark Twain tales. When I couldn't find many I started this blog. I don't have any delusions that I am anywhere near a master storyteller but some things just need telling.

If you are you interested in relocating or retiring I hope this might inspire and encourage you to ask questions and perhaps try a new life.

Comment on these offerings and/or contact me if you have a good story. There is plenty of room for your input as I managed to wipe all comments out in a reload in early 2013....

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The brown marble staircase zigzags up the center of the three-story building. The entryway and floors are all littered with the same unforgiving material. It is an uncomfortable reminder of the ex-owner of the complex, Augousto Pinochet.........

He is four years old. His dark eyes are huge pools that hold pain and hurt. Last night there was a roaring and shaking after he went to sleep. He was terrified. His mother took him outside in the darkness, people screamed ..

He is a little unkempt and thin. A two day beard stubble glints in the late afternoon sunlight as he bends to pick up the handles of his wheel barrow. Walking toward him as he comes down the sidewalk I see an odd assortment of bags and bundles inside the cart.

Rivers of tears run down my face. “You sure know how to show a girl a good time!” I try to gasp out to my husband of thirty-eight years. But, I can’t get past, “You sure…” My lungs are seared and my nose is running like an open wound.......

She has the most beautiful hands I have ever seen. Slim and the color of your favorite latte. Her fingers are impossibly delicate and I cannot believe that they can hold up the tray of fruits and juices she offers us. Gratefully we accept.Our trip has been a day and a half long in uncomfortable positions....

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My Wallet's Gone!

My wallet’s disappeared! A three word sentence that strikes fear into your heart. In the modern day world it is a little like having your oxygen tank tube clog up......

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